Shopping List


It’s been an exciting week at MC HQ (Okay who am I kidding? My ‘headquarters’ are my lounge room floor and my desk is my coffee table, but indulge me.) with quite a few prodz delighting me.

You know times are tough (and that I just paid off my credit card bill) when the most exciting purchase I made this week was my faux-rose-gold-pinkie-finger-ring from Sportsgirl $7.95 (bargain!) I’m not into really into hearts, but this made mine go pitter patter. Whatever you do – don’t let me start wearing bows. Or frilly socks. And I draw the line at pink taffeta. That’s when y’all need to do an intervention, or something.

I’m really fussy (bold and underline that) when it comes to liquid eyeliner. It has (HAS!) to be jet black and it has (HAS!) to have a felt tip. As soon as I tested out ck one’s Eyeliner Maker, ($30) I knew we’d become very good friends. Hell, we’re practically as tight as Madonna and Gwyneth. It delivers a smudge-proof jet black line without the wobbles – it’s all in the wrist action! [Insert bad John Travolta joke here.]


Which is the perfect segue into…Nivea’s Express Hydration Hand Fluid($4.37). I first tried it at the launch last week, and knew it would become my winter staple. Firstly, because it’s easy on the wallet, and secondly, it really does absorb within seconds. I like a product that does what it promises to do!

Looks like the editor of Vogue isn’t the only thing being chopped ’round town. Being on a budget means my daily coffee and macaron had had to go. Instead, I’ve been nomming on the stash of White Choc & Macadamia Spotted Cow Cookies ($33 for a box of 12) that I won in a facey comp way back when. The best part? They’re so ginormous you can never finish the whole thing. Not only am I saving money, but I’m saving calories too! Who said I couldn’t multitask, huh?

Lastly and probably the most exciting product to bounce across my desk is Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer ($37). I practically squealed with delight to have finally found a shade that actually matches my skin tone (especially hard when you’re a ‘brown girl’). It sounds dramatic, but I have been known to look like I’m auditioning for a blackface routine.

Did I mention, it doesn’t cake? Important, because I only like the kind you can eat. (Derrr.) Although, judging from the size of my growing badonkadonk, I should probably lay off it for a while. Sigh. MC

// Can you hear that? Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter.

// <3

// My new BFF.

// It HAS to have a felt tip.

// Nivea’s Express Hydration.

// White Chocolate & Macadamia.

// Come to Mama! (Wow that was a little too enthusiastic.)

// Boi-ing!


It’s all about the details Darling:

Click here to shop the Sportgirl website.
The ck one Eyeliner Maker is exclusive to Myer stores nationally  (or available online)
Click here to visit the Nivea website.
Click here to shop the Spotted Cow Cookie website.
Boi-ing available at Benefit Boutiques and MYER stores nationally.
Disclosure: The Sportsgirl ring was purchased with my hard-earned coin. The Spotted Cow Cookies were a prize. Everything else mentioned was provided for editorial consideration.