Ain’t nothing like a #FRESHFRIDAY!


Welcome to The Weekly Wrap. Or, The Weekly Rap! Today, I’m taking y’all on a bit of a trip down memory lane. There was not a day, that I didn’t rush home from high school and collapse on the lounge just in time for my favourite show: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

It was the legendary 90s sitcom that launched Will Smith’s career. And, oh, how I loved the show! It was the hair! The crazy 80s clothes! The finger snapping! It was just all kinds of fabulous, and so far removed from my life back then. I used to go to bed dreaming about living in a house like that one day. Still dreaming.

Just two days ago, he hit up the Ellen show and performed the opening song to Fresh Prince, LIVE. Props to you Will Smith, most c’lebs will do anything to detach themselves from their past—but not you. I think I love you even more now! This, my friends is honestly, the only way to welcome the weekend. That and a wine! (Duh!) MC