Are Psychics Really That Accurate?


I had just finished school and it was a really exciting time for me. I hadn’t quite started uni, and I’d just come back from a holiday overseas and was spending the last two weeks of my break in Queensland visiting family in Brisbane. We were walking through the markets in Fortitude Valley (I think!) when I saw a psychic giving someone a reading. I knew I wanted one straightaway—I’d never had one before and I was dying to hear what the future held. If memory serves, it was $45 for an hour reading and his name was Daniel.

I shuffled some tarot cards and he started reeling off all of these events that would take place. Some, years down the track, and others in the near future. Thankfully, my mum at the time, told me to write everything he said on a piece of paper and date it as he told me. He never stopped talking for the entire hour. I remember being pretty happy with the reading (it was all pretty positive) but never really thought anything of it, until a few things came true over the years—but really I just took it all with a grain of salt. (As I do most readings, I’ve had about 6 in the last ten years!)

Just recently, in a big spring clean, I found that piece of paper and my notes from all those years ago. It was interesting to see what had actually come true and what hadn’t! Here’s the 33 things he predicted for me ten years ago! MC

  1. I will do two courses back-to-back: Yes
  2. I will go to New York many times through my lifetime: Yes
  3. I will go to Scotland: No
  4. I will visit Antarctica: No
  5. I will make a close friend at college who would become a lifelong friend: Yes
  6. I will go into advertising: Yes
  7. I will design jewellery: Yes
  8. I will be featured in magazines: Yes (Not for MsCritique!)
  9. I will date three men before I meet the man I marry: Yes
  10. The man I marry will be very smart, but a workaholic: Yes
  11. Watch out for a girlfriend who will be jealous of the relationship: Yes
  12. I will write a book: Do e-books count?
  13. I will sell an invention to a large corporation: No (I wish!)
  14. I will have to protect my ideas at work because they will be stolen by someone I work with: Yes
  15. Watch out for a tall, African American man who will make life difficult at work: Yes
  16. Do not go into a business partnership before age 25, it won’t work: Yes
  17. I am lucky and will win lots of things: Yes, so far so good!
  18. I will work closely with two people in a company: Yes
  19. I will own three silver cars in the next ten years: Yes
  20. I will do an importing/exporting course: Yes
  21. I will make money from real estate: I wish!
  22. I will collect stamps: No—this still makes me laugh.
  23. I will enjoy gardening: Um, does a herb garden count?
  24. An older man I meet in New York will offer to help me: Yes
  25. I will live in Melbourne in my 20s: Yes
  26. I will meet someone political in Malaysia: Yes, the president!
  27. I will have a connection to Fiji: Not really!
  28. Writing will play a very big role my career: Does this blog count?
  29. I will design textiles in lots of bright colours: Yes
  30. I will live overseas: No
  31. I will have three kids, one will be very good at sport. No and No
  32. Do not trust a Taurus boss, he will have ill motives: Not so far!
  33. I will live in Perth: No

[the food]So, do you believe? Have you ever had a psychic reading? [/the food]