CONFESSION: My Top 5 Bogan Delights


There are some things that I never admit to liking, because let’s just say, they reek of, well, bogan. I call them my Bogan Delights. Now, I know I’m not alone. Everyone has a dirty little secret, they’d like to keep hidden or  something they’re obsessed with that’s, oh, so, daggy that they’d never admit to liking in public. C’mon girl, I’d love to hear yours—don’t leave me hanging! I’ll start. Here are my top 5 Bogan Delights. MC


  1. Australian Hip Hop. Hilltop Hoods, Briggs. I love them all. I’ve even been to a few live performances too. I told a friend how much I was into it over dinner in New York and all he could say was ‘I’m totally judging you right now. I’m even reassessing our friendship.’ Ouch!
  2. Salt and Vinegar Chips. Not the fancy kind. Just your plain ol’ down and dirty kind. Even better if they’re crinkle cut. And my favourite bit has to be the crushed chips at the bottom of the packet. Sometimes I lick the vinegar off my fingers too. (So bogan.)
  3. The Bold and the Beautiful. I know. I don’t think I even have a semi-plausible excuse for this one. I watched it as a kid on school holidays and never stopped watching. I record it every day and maybe once a month, I’ll spend a rainy Sunday afternoon catching up on The Forresters. Can anyone say lame-o?
  4. 2Day FM. I know how much people love to hate Kyle and Jackie O, but I just can’t stop listening. And I do really like Top40 music. Admitting that makes me cringe so much. When people talk about it, I just pull a blank face as though I have no idea what they’re on about.
  5. Spending the day in my pyjamas. If I ever have a day off, I’ll have a shower and hop back into my pyjamas for the rest of the day. Don’t worry, it’s not like I leave the house like that. I just don’t see the point in getting dressed up with no where to go!

Okay, now it’s your turn. SPILL!