A DIY candle holder made from an artichoke!

D.I.Y Artichoke Candle Holders


I was talking to a friend on the weekend about how when you get to say, 25, something starts happening.

You look like the same person, but underneath, slowly, so slowly, the plates start shifting. At first, you barely notice it.  And then you hit 28 and all of a sudden—boom!—things have changed. You don’t want to go out on the weekend and get absolutely trashed. Instead, you start the day with a clear head and a green juice in hand. You stop hanging out with friends who make you feel like shit. You gravitate towards the ones that make your soul smile. (That isn’t some sort of crazy metaphor, I actually mean it.)

All of sudden, you have a burgeoning desire to grow a herb garden. Bake your own bread! (Don’t worry, cleaning isn’t on the list. I don’t think that part ever changes.) You start looking for things you enjoy doing. You realise success—true success, is mastering moderation.  (As boring as it sounds.) Managing the precarious balance of work and life. Family and friends.

It’s easy to be extreme. Anyone can do that.

Being balanced and moderate takes practice. Skill.

I’m not sure, if i’m close.  The shift has only just begun. At the moment, I’m juggling about six different things (MsCritique included) and I never let them get in the way of my time for SilverFox. Time for my family. Time for my friends. More importantly, time for me. (And evidently, time to make artichoke candle holders!) Happy D.I.Ying! MC

How to make your very own candle holder straight from an artichoke!