Dead Man Espresso, South Melbourne, Victoria


The name sounds like a old cult western movie, Dead Man Espresso (review coming soon) is where you’ll find Host-With-The-Most and Master Coffee Pourer Extraordinaire, Angus Gibbs.

After asking Angus about the unusual coffee technique, he explains the variations and is kind enough to give us a tasting or two, including their very own Dead Man Blend (highly recc) roasted by Seven Seeds.

All distinctly different and akin to someone pirouetting in my mouth performing a quasi-experimental dance, they range from chocolatey and fruity to ohhhhhh and ahhhhhh (all technical terms). This shiz is so off the scale – it’s ridic.

Two great reasons to head to DME: Angus and good cawfee. WIN/WIN. MC

// The poifect blend of art and science.

// The man himself.

It’s all about the details darling:

35 Market St, South Melbourne, VIC
+61 (3) 9686 2255
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  • http://www.blithelyunaware.com Mez

    Love the look of this place, H and I are going to check it out. Your blog’s the bizz lady, so glad I found it. You commented on my twitter after I saw that lady being punched by her partner in the car park of Harvey Norman. It was a really awful, strange thing to see. You do NOT expect to see that, ever. Can’t wait to see what your blog’s future brings! ♥

    • http://mscritique.com Ms. Critique

      Comments like yours make my day. SRSLY. I’ll be walking around with a smile on my face all day thanks to you! MC

  • http://heartofpearl.blogspot.com heartofpearl

    mm craving some nice fresh coffee right now, i wonder how diff it tastes!! yum x