Do you suffer from choice fatigue?


Travel back in time ten years and deciding if you wanted regular or skim milk was pretty much the only decision you had to make. Cafés refused to stock it and when your waiter finally brought out your skim latté he usually set it down with ‘Oh, on a diet are we?‘. And if we’re honest, said comment was usually met with an eye roll because you decided to exercise your right to make a choice!

I first went to New York when I was 18, land of the free—and of choice. A land where you could order a salad with the dressing on the side. Ask for bacon and eggs sans eggs.  Order a pineapple, orange and celery juice without the pineapple, just a bit of orange, and apple instead of celery with a hint of ginger and no one blinked an eye. Not a scowl! Not an eyeroll! Nada!


Little did I know, that choices would eventually exhaust me. Make me tired. And then I would be plagued with worry that I made the wrong choice! Remember, when things were simple?  Take your vagina for instance. (Well, not literally, but hey you’re behind the screen, do as you will.) Ten years ago, a vagina* was, a vagina. (I know I’m kind of stating the obvious here.)

Now, you have to decide if you want a brazillian or landing strip? Wax or shave? As bald as Bruce Willis ? Or are you single-handedly bringing back the bush? Then you have to ask yourself, lightly trimmed or au naturale? You can even bedazzle your ‘gina like a pair of high-waisted stonewash jeans Dolly Parton would wear. (Surely, that’s enough to convince you to put the bedazzler down?)

Open my bathroom cabinet and I have just as many products for my vagina (if not more) than I do my face. All of these choices are bewildering!  I now dream about not having to make a choice. I dream about cruising through the day on autopilot because I’m stressed. Burdened by my #firstworldproblems. Anxious. Even my vagina is tired. I think I’ve got a serious case of choice fatigue.

What about you, Possum?  Are you suffering from choice fatigue, just like me? MC

* I promise I won’t use the word vagina that many times in a post ever, ever, again.