Duo Boots Custom Made Boots


And in this case, it just so happens it does. Like a glove. Except it’s a shoe. Duo Boots contacted me recently to tell me all about their beautiful custom made boots. I’m pretty lucky, I can get away with buying boots off the rack most of the time (although they’re never an absolute perfect fit).

My Mum on the other hand has skinny chicken legs (if only I’d inherited that gene – emphasis on skinny there) and she can never find a pair that fits to fit her skinny-mini licorice legs. Sorry Mum!

What I love about the service that Duo Boots offers, is that you send off your calf measurements and your boots arrive with a week or two, custom made to suit your calf. Too Easy! They are divine. I think I’ve found the perfect Xmas present. Hope you’re not reading this mum!Click here to find out more about Duo Boots. MC

// So excited to open the box.

// Absolutely divine!

// I’m in love with the shape of the heel.

// The process explained.

// Fit like a glove.

It’s all about the details Darling:

To find out more about Duo Boots, click here.
Disclosure: This item was sent for consideration.