[the food]How do I contact you? [/the food]

You can drop me an email via the contact page, or you can post items to:

MsCritique, PO BOX 1097,

Surry Hills, 2010 Sydney,

NSW, Australia

For a courier address, please email me.

Remember all product submissions must arrive before each Friday, as it’s now our official ‘shoot day’. 


[the food]How do I get my product reviewed? [/the food]

In the pursuit of Newness, (after all I am the Champion of Newness™)  I’m only interested in featuring products and experiences that add value to my readers lives. I’m interested in covering the latest lip-gloss, greatest gadget, newest nightclub and hippest happenings as they happen, all over the world. Ones that excite and entertain; but most importantly are NEW! If you think your product fits the bill, you’re more than welcome to send me your press release via the contact page.

In the interest of producing better content, I now photograph, art direct, and style most editorial content myself.

Shoot days are Friday, so anything you’d like included in a potential story must be couriered or posted before each Friday. Please allow up between 1-6 weeks (depending on the type of product) for time trialling and testing. Some products can be featured straight away, others need more time.

Remember, any product that doesn’t make the cut is in the best interest of my readers, and your brand. If you want more of an insight into the editorial philosophy of MsCritique, you can check out my manifesto here.


[the food]Do you get paid to write about products? [/the food]

Unfortunately I can’t live on champagne and air kisses. From time to time, I’ll accept sponsored content or advertising, but I’ll always let you know if I do. Always. Sometimes I’m gifted products or sent to review experiences and destinations, and if that’s the case you’ll be able to find that information at the bottom of each post under ‘It’s all about the details Darling’.


[the food]How will I know if you get paid to review a product? [/the food]

I’ll tell you. You’ll find sponsored posts marked as a ‘Dedicated Post’ directly underneath the title. And any other information will be disclosed at the bottom of each post (as above). Hopefully you won’t mind because they will still be an honest, unbiased, laugh-so-hard-you-projectile-spew-tea-all-over-your-keyboard review. Promise.

 If you still have questions, make sure you read my manifesto here. It pretty much sums up the whole philosophy of MsCritique.com and why I feature the products I do.