Harbour Rocks Hotel Re-launch


It’s not often that you get to tour an entire hotel at a launch. Well, my friends, at the grand re-launch of the Harbour Rocks Hotel (HRH) nestled in The Rocks Sydney, they opened the doors (all three levels) for us to have a look around the elegant new digs.

With the Opera House as the backdrop, it was bound to be a stellar turnout. We sipped champagne and nommed on the finest canapes (surely calories don’t count when they’re bite-sized?) while Richard Wilkins – Master of Ceremonies – gave us the history of the hotel.


So there I was, wedged between Max Markson (whispering sweet nothings into his lady friend’s ear) and super-fit Michelle Bridges wearing an amazing sequinned dress (and for the record she doesn’t have an ounce of fat on her) listening to the owner Robert Magid, tell us all about the site that was orginally a bond-store, coverted hospital and now restaurant, wine bar and colonial 59-room boutique hotel. Impressive.

But it doesn’t stop there, my pretties. Once we hit the top floor of the hotel, we were treated to performances by David Campbell, Victor Valdes and The Sydney Symphony Quartet.

Sometimes when you live in Sydney, you forget how magical the city really can be. I think the HRH have done a fine job of capturing a bit of that magic; the wonder. I might just plan a little city staycation sometime soon – not sure if it’ll involve The Sydney Symphony Quartet though. Ha! MC

// Richard Wilkins and Jonathon Richards.

// Yours truly with the gorgeous Alex Adams from Secret Foodies.

// Michelle Bridges – not an ounce of fat on her!

// The amazing view. Breathtaking!

Owner Robert Magid, Max Markson with lady friend, Kanthi Tian.

// Fashion Designer, Marnie Skillings.

It’s all about the details Darling:

Photography credits: BELINDA ROLLAND.
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