Is there anything worse than organising an off-the-scale event, and there’s no one to capture just how awesome it was? I thought so.

That’s where we come in. At MsCritique.com we only work with the best. (The best!)  They’re the kind of paps that have a knack for capturing those fleeting moments on film. We cover everything from charity events, brand launches, gala dinners to social snaps in nightclubs.

[the food]WANT INSTANT COVERAGE ONLINE? [/the food]

We get that it’s all about timing too. What that means for you, is that the event photos will be viewable in our gallery section within hours of holding the event. You get (almost) instant exposure as your event happens. The photos are online before you’ve even managed to grab something greasy to eat on your way  home.

You also retain all ownership of the photos—we’re just providing the service. And of course we also provide you with all high resolution images so you can forward them to your clients too. (With a watermarked logo if required.)

To check out our gallery, click here.

[the food]THERE ARE TWO OPTIONS [/the food]

1)  You can hire a pap for an event and we’ll do all the hard work for you. You just wake up the next morning with all the event photographs in your inbox and viewable in our gallery online. Too easy.


2) You can simply forward your own photographs from your event to us, and for a small fee, we’ll upload them to our gallery with a small blurb about the event. Even easier.

To find out about our rates, click here.

If you need more information, drop us an email via the contact page.