How to make a sage and cheese stuffed cob loaf!


What exactly is a ‘food moment’, you ask. Well, have you ever popped something into your mouth, so fine, so delicious—that it makes you want to curl your toes and roll your head back in ecstasy? You want to savour every, single, mouthful, you just don’t want it to end. Well, that, my friends, qualifies as a ‘food moment’.

I’ve had a several in my short lifetime and can remember them all, as though they were just yesterday. (I mean, if I’m really honest they usually revolve around bacon or say, pork crackling. I detect a theme!)

Today’s food moment involves my favourite ingredients, sage, bread and every type of cheese you can imagine. Now, don’t take my word for it, try it to find out for yourself. Trust me—you’ll thank me later. MC

[the food]You’ll need [/the food]

A cob loaf of bread

A sharp bread knife

Any type of cheese you like (I prefer at least three kinds)

Some baby sage leaves

[the food] How to: A Sage and Cheese Stuffed Cob Loaf [/the food]

  1. First, you’ll need a sharp knife!
    Taking the cob loaf, with a sharp knife carefully cut a groove in the loaf one inch apart, until you have completed the entire loaf.
  2. Next stuff with cheeses:
    Taking all of the different cheese you have on hand, equally divide the cheeses between the grooves. No need to be too careful, rustic is fine.
  3. Bake and serve!
    Put in a warm oven (around 160 degrees) until the cheese starts to warm and melt, and loaf starts to brown. In the last 5 minutes add in a few sage leaves. These will crisp up and brown and give your loaf a wonderful fragrance. Once ready, top with extra sage and serve warm. Enjoy!