How To Spot Frenemies 101


Gosh, sometimes doesn’t it feel like you’re being attacked from every angle? Creepers! Stalkers! Frenemies! Just make it stop, I say! Isn’t life hard enough already, without having to dodge the poison-tipped arrows of your so-called ‘friends?’

Today, I’m sharing a list of observations from my own dealings with frenemies. These are the signs, that something’s not kosher in your friendship. Let’s face it, you would have already had a few warning signs—that’s what your spidey senses are for—trust them, they never, ever lie! The first step is weeding them out, the next step, well, I’ll leave that to you! Over and out. MC

[the food]9 SIGNS YOUR FRIEND, IS REALLY A FRENEMY! [/the food]

  1. They’re secretly (or not so secretly) happy when something really shitty happens to you
  2. They try to embarrass or belittle you in front of other friends
  3. You find yourself hiding your accomplishments
  4. They start copying you
  5. They try and cozy up to people you dislike
  6. They bitch about mutual friends to you and then hang out with them
  7. Drama in your life? They’ll be there. When things are smooth sailing = tumbleweeds
  8. They make snide remarks about your boy/girl friend
  9. You tell them good news, and they respond with a monologue of their insecurities