key lime pie

Key Lime Pie


Praise the lord. Oh lordy, lord. There is a God. I tell you, I am so very thankful to the person that invented the Key Lime Pie. (Religious persuasions aside, let’s just assume it’s God for the purposes of this story. The Mac-Daddy-Food-God. Well, that’s his official title.)

You see, it starts with the tartness of the limes, the sweetness of the condensed milk, and ends with the velvety biscuit base that makes this concoction a melodic symphony in your mouth.

It’s a culinary triumph! A sensory sensation! A musical masterpiece! 

It like Michael Jackson’s ghost moonwalking on your tongue holding a chimpanzee crumping to Drake while a miniature Beethoven strokes the inside of your pearly whites with every new key he plays.*

Mental imagery aside, I assure you it’s that bloody good.

According to folk law, after one little bite, a group of Nuns lifted their habits right over their heads blinding them, and ran in non-stop circles for days while singing the entire Sound of Music soundtrack at the top of their lungs.** Such, is the power of the K.L.P. I know, I know, enough talk. Let’s see if it really lives up to the hype. MC

*Might be a slight exaggeration.

** Okay, that one’s a total lie.


250 g  Digestive Biscuits
100g butter

Can of Condensed Milk
Juice and zest of 5 limes
300 ml Double Cream

You’ll also need a round loose-bottomed tart tin 23cm

[the food] Key Lime Pie [/the food]

  1. Add melted butter to crushed biscuits in a bowl
  2. Press the crumbs into the round tin being sure to go up the sides too. Chill for 15 minutes until set
  3. Meanwhile whisk together condensed milk and cream until blended
  4. Add zest and juice to the mix and watch as it thickens!
  5. Pour into the tart case and chill for 2 hours or until set
  6. To decorate my key lime pie, I used whipped cream from the can around the edges, otherwise crème fraîche works too!

[the food] KEY LIME PIE [/the food]