L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2012


…that’s a wrap people! I know, I know, what are we going to do? LMFF is over for yet another year. It was a fun-filled week full of fashion and frivolity of the very best kind. Although, I can report that my feet are very happy it’s over. Thrilled even. As I write this, they’re hanging out in the spa. Clothes optional. Well, no one likes a soggy band-aid!

It was a jam-packed week, from catching up with designer duo Limedrop about their new collection to having a chat to Yeojin Bae and Miranda Otto front row  – it was a blast! Let’s not forget talking top knots (bun fight!) with skinny-mini and super glow-y Ricki-Lee and hanging out with Richard Nylon and Gwendolynne in the VIP bar enjoying a Chambord Lime and Soda. And then there was my chat with the gorgeous (and super shy) Samantha Harris, the lovely Catriona Rowntree – hold on a sec – can you pick that up for me? What, you ask? Names, because I keep dropping ’em. My bad!


C’leb stalking aside, let’s talk about the fashion both on the runway and off. Carl Kapp and Dion Lee, you are indeed masters of your craft. The style blogging contingent didn’t disappoint; from outrageous to on-trend – it was all there to be seen. Photographers (and faux-tographers) were out in force. Hell, if LMFF were a movie, It would be called ‘People Watching’ from the Academy Award Winning Director that brought you ‘I know what you wore last season’. Fascinating stuff!

A big thank you to Chambord, who helped make it all happen. Thank you! Click here to ‘like’ their Facebook page and keep up-to-date on all their news (and for all my new stories) and of course, an equally big thank you to Nikon for letting me use the fabulous J1 – click here to ‘like’ their facebook page.

And lastly, turns out that little white cape number I wore is in a street fashion competition. ‘Like’ my photo (and their page) and help me win. (Hello good sex karma!) Well my pretties, it’s been swell – til the next fashion festival. Over and out. MC

// Hello, yellow.

// Opening Night with Catriona Rowntree.

// The Nikon J1.

// Bollywood stylin’ with Tania Zaetta.

// Chambord’s spectacular VIP opening night bar.

// The anticipation.

// Enjoying a Chambord ‘Dark Knight’.

// Ricki-Lee and I.

// Why thank you Bartender. Chambord Lime and Soda.

// It’s all about the top knot!

// Front row.

// Whoops.

// Dion Lee.

// Clea from Limedrop.

// Glynis-Traill-Nash.

// Fashion Hayley.

// What a poser!

// Nom.

// Kate Ceberano.

// Alice Burdeu.

// The perfect pre-show drink.

// Yeojin Bae and Miranda Otto.

// My Nikon J1.

// Model Samantha Harris.

// Waiting.

// Blogger duo, Breakfast with Audrey.

It’s all about the details Darling:

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