Like any shiny new love affair, fear not, I shall not be blinded by expensive peach lip glosses beckoning me with false promises of plumper lips nor will I lay down for the finest 3000 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets that whisper my name as I fall asleep.

No, not me, I promise to try everything and let you know all about it, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad. Therefore, it is my duty as I do solemnly swear to tell you the truththe absolute truth.

So, if that new shampoo really does smell like pants, if that new overpriced Japanese restaurant has a rude snooty French waiter (it does!), and if your bum really does look big in thatI’ll tell you.

If I have to search the corners of the globe for the best lavender crème brûlée (never fear, I’ve found it)and get a complete stranger to roll me home, I will. Watch every single episode of GIRLS even if Hannah sticking a Q-tip in her ear makes me dry retch, then I shall. I’ll find that café in the seediest laneway serving the best and cheapest Iskander AND including but not limited to, relaxing on a beach somewhere exotic with men wearing next to nothing, peeling me grapesthen that’s what I’ll do.

The torture.

Such is my dedication to the job, and to you, Dear Reader.


[the food]DISCLOSURE POLICY [/the food]

It would be easy to copy and paste one of those mumbo jumbo disclosure policies off the internet wouldn’t it? Instead, let me say this: when it comes to covering a brand or product, whether I’d genuinely drop my own coin on it, determines if  I’ll feature itor not. I always ask myself ‘Is this something I’d call my Mum to rave about?’ or facebook to friends?

In the instances I’m given a product or sent to away to an experience, I’m only ever going to feature stories that add value, regardless if said product was gifted to me. As I said in the About Section, your time is precious (and frankly so is mine). There’s no way I’d waste precious air time promoting something that didn’t excite me. Or you.

My policy is simple: you come first. You. My readers.

You’re the sole reason this website exists. There’s no way in hell I’d risk your trust by promoting, say, Coffee That Heats Up In A Can! Or that dodgy hotel with bed bugs. If I ever do accept any sponsorship or advertising, it will always (always!) be clearly disclosed. If you still have some unanswered questions you can find out more on my FAQs page.

If you still want more information, you know I’m always up for a chat. Drop me an email via the contact page. I’d love to hear from you.