Meet: Renée Lynch




If it weren’t for SilverFox, I’d probably try and move into Renée’s spare bedroom. Her instagram feed is filled with the most amazing paleo goodness. From bacon and egg mushroom cups to protein balls and more. Seriously, it’s even inspired me to start eating better. By day, you can find Renée at Klick Communications where she works as a Communications Coordinator. With a strong background in beauty and fashion she’s played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of both traditional and digital PR campaigns for a number of Klick partners. When she’s not uploading drool-worthy photos to instagram or updating her facey status, you’ll find her singing out loud or telling you just how you can incorporate more superfoods into your diet! (Might need to take her up on that!)

[the food] 5 things we didn’t know about Renée: [/the food]

  1. Although my Instagram and Twitter handle is @iloveapplepie I don’t eat it. The name is based on a childhood memory of my mum’s recipe
  2. On the subject of apple pie, I take mine with cold milk on top…perfection
  3. I’m mesmerised by fitspo accounts on Instagram. A girlfriend and I communicate via random images each night
  4. I lift weights at Crossfit, it’s not just for boys and yes my hands are callused!
  5. I spend close to 3 hours in the kitchen on a Sunday making paleo treats for the week. Loner!