Mr., A Skincare Range Designed Exclusively For Men


We’re a lucky lot aren’t we. Who? I mean the laaadies out there reading this. How many choices do we have when it comes to clothes, make up and skincare? Too many to count! When it comes to men, they are, sadly neglected. And let’s face it, they kinda need some love in that department. Enter Mr., Australia’s only full skincare range designed exclusively for men.

Y’see, SilverFox is a fussy man. (Hello, darling.) I describe him as three parts Big, two parts Don Draper, one part Bill Compton with a sprinkling of George Clooney (that explains the silver hair). While he’s a Modern Man, there is no freakin’ way, he’d have any girlie cosmetics on display in his bathroom (we both have our own). Nor does he want to smell like peaches and cream. Uh uh. Best reserved for eating.

Mr. has blown his socks off. And mine. It’s a smart range that makes your man smell, well, manly. It’s packaged perfectly; understated yet slick. To top it off, the products are amazing. I should know: I’ve been sneaking into his bathroom and stealing them when he’s outta town. Ssssh!

SilverFox is busting to try the whole range, and trust me, the folks at Mr. have your man covered. SilverFox loves Mr. and I have a sneaking suspicion your man will too. This has to be the one time, I’m the one green with envy – if only they did a Mrs. range. Hint, Hint! MC

// Understated yet slick.

// Love the packaging.

// See?

// I’m dying for a Mrs. range.

// Love.

// What a great tag line. Can’t argue with that.

// SilverFox’s favourite – the liquid body scrub.

// Smells just like the sea – but fresher.

// The fine beads help to exfoliate.

// Did I mention they’re all made from indigenous Australian products?

// The perfect man-moisturiser. Not too heavy, not too light.

// They’ve got your man covered.

// Love the range, and I think you will too! (I mean your man, of course!)

It’s all about the details Darling:

For the perfect xmas gift for your man, click here to visit the Mr. website.


  • http://agirlinredheels.blogspot.com Stella

    Oh how my Mr would love the body scrub – he is a sucker for anything thats greeny/blue in colour.

  • http://www.thesydneygirl.com thesydneygirl

    how *awesome*
    this is a must get for George.