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NAIL BLOG: Orly Mineral FX Swatches


Poppets! I missed you yesterday. I did. According to the paper on the weekend, this week we have a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Translation: don’t be afraid if your loved ones turn bat-shit-crazy. Not sure that explains The Hoff gyrating in smiley face underwear at the AMAs or Kyle Sandilands showing The Beab naked celebrity photos.

Not even the solar eclipse is a valid explanation for Liz and Shane. (Shurley!) My eyes are still burning. At this rate, I’ll be blind by Shane’s next sex scandal.

So with all this crazy in the air, don’t be surprised if we hear about Kanye doing something crazy; after all he is the Grand Messiah of Krazy with a K. Can you imagine? ‘Imma let you finish Shurley, but J-Lo and I were the best celebrity couple OF ALL TIME.’ Well, I did say you should expect some pretty wack bad-haviour this week.


With all this universe talk, it’s the perfect segue to tell y’all about Orly’s new limited edition collection, Mineral FX. Today, I’m showing you the shade Rock Solid. How very appropriate!

In crazy times we must all band together and hang on to something secure – kinda like hanging out with an ugly friend, who makes you instantly feel 10x hotter. Politically incorrect, but you know the math adds up. C’mon now!

Orly’s Rock Solid, is…solid. Word. It’s the perfect shade of gunmetal with lashings of holographic glitter. (All of a sudden Kanye’s ears just started burning at the mere mention of the word GUN.)

Well, if you’re about to pull the trigger, (no, not on a gun –  I meant, if you’re about to take a leap of faith or do something radical) at least make sure you’re wearing the appropriate shade of BSC: bat-shit-crazy! And if you do, you know I wanna hear all about your misadventures. Especially if they involve Kanye. Amber in a black latex catsuit would just be a bonus! Ruh-roh. MC

// Orly’s Rock Solid.

Orly Mineral FX

// Trigger finger perfection.

Orly Mineral FX

// Love it.

Orly Mineral FX

// Available now.

It’s all about the details Darling:

Orly Mineral FX, Rock Solid, 18ml RRP: $18.95 each
To visit the Orly website, click here.
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