No, Silly Rabbit, that’s not a euphemism for something more sinister. Although SilverFox may disagree. Don’t they all?

SilverFox is always a hot topic at MC HQ – I know how much ya’ll seem to love hearing about our escapades. Since they don’t call it a man-i-cure for nothin’ (zing!) and now that he’s temporarily outta action and under house-arrest for the next few weeks (Doc’s orders), I figured now’s my chance to torture pamper the poor boy!

They don’t call it a man-i-cure for nothin’

While on my recent vacay in Noo Yawk, I noticed that the man-i-cure is a trend that seems to be taking over the town, from SoHo to Harlem, men are no longer ‘fraid of entering what used to be the domain of ladies only: Le Nail Salon.

Lucky for me, SilverFox has long been a fan of male grooming slash manscaping – so using Manicare’s 4-way Buffer (gosh, sounds like a scene from Swingtown) picked up from my local chemist and a sample of Orly’s Nails for Males, SilverFox was a more than willing participant in this little experiment pamper sesh – s’long as it was in the comfort of our loungeroom.

I’m just thinking out loud here, but perhaps the man-i-cure is the modern day antidote to man-flu? Okay, that might be stretching it a bit, but if you happen to find a cure to man-flu, you could be one very, very, rich woman. Ka’ching!

In the meantime, I say: Viva le man-i-cure! MC

>>>> Get the lo-down on my lo-fi fashion find that cost a grand total of $6! Yes, just 6 smacks. That’s just two macarons! Or say, two sushi handrolls! Who needs to eat anyway – not this bandonkadonk. AND to boot, you’ll never, ever, (that may be a slight exaggeration) guess where I bought them from. Til tomorrow Toots!



// Looks easy-peasy.

// For best results, always file in one direction

// SilverFox getting buffed. (Not that kinda buff…yet.)

// Looking good! Now, onto Orly’s Nails for Males.

// SilverFox thinks they should’ve called it, Male Polish. I concur.

// You only need one coat, so it looks au naturale.

// Another ‘appy customer!

// Lovers.

// Okay, the wine helped my powers of persuasion…that or another thing beginning with P.

It’s all about the details Darling:

Manicare 4-way Buffer RRP: $7.25
Orly Nails for Males RRP: $19.95
Visit the official Orly website here.