Nokia N9 Review


It’s fair to day I’m a pretty touchy-feely kinda person. No, not like that guy on the bus when you were 15 that kept brushing his hand over your thigh when he turned the page on his newspaper. You weirdo! That was not cool.

I’m talking about how I’m still head-over-heels in love with touch screens on phones (best invention ever – someone deserves a shiny gold star) so naturally, I was pretty darned chuffed to get my hot little mitts on the latest touch phone from Nokia.

The Nokia N9 didn’t hit the shelves long ago, so I was lucky enough to give it a trial run for the last month. Let me just preface this review by saying I wasn’t expecting much to change from my last review of Nokia’s C7-00. This, my friends, is a completely different phone.

Super thin – thinner than my iphone – it has a really nice flat screen. We pretty much hit it off straight away, because this baby comes equipped with a protective rubber case. Bonus points right there. DING!


Secondly, they’ve overhauled the interface; so it’s super simple to use. Even my Uncky Nev took it for a spin. First thing he did? Change the screensaver. Typical. Although this is the man that only learnt to email last year. If he can work it out, I think it’s fair to say anyone can. No offence intended, Uncky Nev.

Even better, it comes preloaded with Facey and Twitter and a whole range of apps. They’ve really done everything for you. Well, according to Uncky Nev, everything BUT put a cartoon screensaver on it. Yep…what’s that saying about choosing your family?

This is a really well-thought through phone: light, easy to use, compact and slick. If you’re on the market for an upgrade, or you still haven’t made the leap to a smart phone because it all feels a bit overwhelming – Nokia’s N9 have made it super simple for you. Easy peasy! MC


Nokia N9 Review

// The latest from Nokia, the N9.

Nokia N9 Review

// Thinner than my iphone.

Nokia N9 Review

// Love that big flat touch screen!

// Love that Facey and Twitter come preloaded on it. Nice one Nokia. PROPS.

Nokia N9

// This one’s for you Uncky Nev.

It’s all about the details Darling:

To learn more about the Nokia N9, click here.
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