Philips PerfectCare Review


Y’know how your Mum just has this knack of knowing things before you do? She’s always right. Always. (Damn her and her freaky psychic abilities!) For instance, she knows it’s not going to work between you and Mr. Bad Boy, well before you’ve even had a chance to hop on his bike and ride off into the sunset on a dusty road somewhere out in the desert, arms wrapped firmly around his waist, wind flowing through your hair. Not that it happened – but if it did – it would go something like that!

Well, the Philips PerfectCare Iron is your Mum…except in an iron. It’s psychic. Well, kind of. Now wait for it, because it’s going to blow your mind (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration) but the PerfectCare uses a technology called ‘Optimal Temp’ which means that there’s no temperature dial. Crazytown. No temperature dial. It really does take a while to wrap your head around the concept.


Basically, it maintains the perfect combo of low temperature and high steam that makes it 100% safe on all fabrics, even that little silk number you dropped a mortgage repayment on in NYC, hiding in the back of your wardrobe. Okay, that was me. Caught!

The only bad part? I used to be afraid that I’d ruin something, so I’ve shirked ironing anything for the last 5 years. Thanks SilverFox, I owe ya a big one! Well, sadly those days are over, so I took the bull by the horns and ironed my little heart out. And I know you probably don’t believe me – so I’ve included all the dirty photographic evidence. Shocking stuff. Whowouldathunkit? MC


Philips PerfectCare

// The Philips PerfectCare.

Philips PerfectCare

// Optimal Temp Technology.

Philips PerfectCare

// Let’s get this party started.

// The before shot. Yeouch.

// Let’s just say, I pulled EVERYTHING apart.

// Now. that’s better.

// Getting there…

// Organising porn right there.

// It’s a work-in-progress, but I’m almost there.

It’s all about the details Darling:

Philips PerfectCare with Optimal Temp Technology
To visit the Philips website, click here.
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