Places to eat in Adelaide


When you’ve only got a few days in a city, you want to make the most of it. Don’t you hate returning from a trip only to discover that you missed out on trying that cafe, or the hottest restaurant of the moment? Me too. There’s only one thing worse than FOMO—and that’s when there’s food involved. Good food, that is. (And, there seems to be a lot of it in Adelaide right now.) Go fourth and eat, friends. Stretchy pants optional. MC


[the food]Golden Boy Thai [/the food]

As soon as you walk in, you feel like you could be in Melbourne. Hipster Thai food is how you’d best describe Golden Boy (although without the ‘tude). This place actually delivers the goods—make sure you try the pork belly—you won’t regret it! Click here for more info.


[the food] Adelaide Central Market [/the food]

It’s known as Adelaide’s central food hub and rightly so. There’s so much to do and see here. I was lucky enough to do the Adelaide Central Market Challenge. It was tonnes of fun, and a great way to get to meet the stall holders too. Click here for more info.


[the food] Concubine [/the food]

One of Adelaide’s award winning restaurants, they celebrate local produce here and do it, oh so well. The duck pancakes are to-die-for. That’s a deathrow dish right there. Click here for more info.


[the food] Pizza e Mozzarella[/the food]

I made that mistake where I went too hard, too early on. Everything here was divine, but the pizza? Like a slice of Italy on a plate. If you’re a pizza lover, (I’m talking the real deal here) this is an absolute must. Click here for more info.


[the food] The Loose Caboose Cafe[/the food]

Set a little further out in Hindmarsh, this old railway station has been converted into one of Adelaide’s best brunch spots ( if the crowds are anything to go by.) They make a mean coffee, and their breakfast board sure hits the spot. Let’s not forget the free sparkling water on tap too! Click here for more info.

Loose Caboose


[the food]Sad Cafe [/the food]

Is anything but. Situated in Ebenezer Lane, this is the hipster quarter of Adelaide. Sip on a passion flower iced-tea or some equally bizarre combination and soak up the vibes. Good, simple food with some equally good people watching.Enjoy! Click here for more info.


[the food] Burger Theory [/the food]

Burger Theory is the Shake Shack of Adelaide. And that’s saying a lot. A simple menu, done well. If burgers are your thing (and if they’re not, I’m not sure we can be friends) this is your place. DO IT. Click here for more info.


[the food]Hey Jupiter [/the food]

Here you’ll find house-roasted meats and fresh, locally sourced vegetables, and pastries. Sandwiches really are their speciality and boy, do they make one helluva sarnie. Me? I couldn’t go past the cured ocean trout and capers. Although the pork belly sandwich gave me a dose of serious food envy. Click here for more info.

Hey Jupiter



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Disclosure: I travelled to Adelaide courtesy of South Australian Tourism. All hotels, meals, transfers and experiences were complimentary.

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