Review : Hypoxi Weight Loss Results


It’s been about two weeks since I finished my last Hypoxi session and I wanted to take that time to reflect on the experience. Like any weight loss or exercise program, or anything that claims it can help you reduce your cellulite, there will be sceptics. And to be honest, deep down I was one of them—but here’s the thing—after trialling Hypoxi for 5 weeks I managed to lose over 26cm from the lower half of my body, with over 3.5cm coming off my bottom and about 2kg in 5 weeks. And to be honest, now that I look back, I reckon if I had suspended my disbelief and tightened up my diet a little more, I could have attained even better results. More on that later.

[the food] WHAT IS HYPOXI?[/the food]

For five weeks, for three one-hourly sessions I spent the first half an hour in the HypoxiDermology (HDC) machine which is meant to help with circulation and help reduce cellulite. Once you’ve got the suit on the machine goes to work and starts massaging all of your (okay, my) problem areas. It looks like this:

Hypoxi weight loss results

Then for the second half an hour, I got to work in the Trainer L250, where I was fitted with heart rate and body temperature monitors and a wetsuit-like skirt that clipped into the Trainer L250 pod. Laying down the lower half of the pod is completely sealed while you cycle. You’re told how fast to cycle according to your ideal heart rate. The idea is that your heart rate stays in the idea ‘fat-buring zone’. It sounds easy, but it’s not. The pace was fine, but you definitely work up a small sweat, but nothing compared to say, a spin class. The pod looks like this:

Hypoxi helps with cellulite

[the food] AFTER HYPOXI [/the food]

After each Hypoxi session, they say in order to maximise the amount the free fatty acids your body metabolises that you shouldn’t consume carbohydrates within 4-6 hours of your session. They also gave me a rough meal plan, to give me an idea of what kinds of foods I should be eating. FYI, cupcakes were definitely not on that list!

After 5 weeks, from my entire lower half I lost an astounding 26.2 cm and 2kg!

The best results were 5cm from each leg and 3.5 cm from my stomach and 3.5cm from my bottom measurement. Overall, I’m thrilled with the results, even though I have a lot more work to do (more of that in another post). The cellulite on my legs, particularly needs a lot more work, but I can definitely see a difference at the back of my thighs, just above my knees. To see some Hypoxi Before and After pictures, click here.
[the food]HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? [/the food]

An individual Hypoxi session on the trainer L250 (30 minute session) : $69.00

12 x Hypoxi 30 minute sessions : $690

[the food]WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? [/the food]

Absolutely. In fact, I’m considering signing up to a 12-week VIP membership in my area.

It definitely gave me the kick-start I needed. I was always interested to see the kind of people that came in (and there were a lot) to the studio while I was there. Some had been doing it for over a year and loved it. Others were teeny tiny and were doing it to tone up. I was actually surprised at how many long-term devoted clients they had. Sometimes, with exercise programs like this, you always assume it’s people who are massively overweight looking for a quick fix. Not the case here. I kind of felt like I had stumbled on a secret that everyone else seemed to know about except for me!


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