Say yes to Living Life Unplanned!


SilverFox is the grand macdaddy of surprises and spontaneity. Here’s the thing, Valentine’s Day will come and go, and I’ll get nothing. Nadda. Zip. Zero. Then on an unkind Melbourne’s day I might be hopping into bed in a fleece onesie (I kid you not) and there, waiting on my pillow will be a carefully wrapped present waiting to be discovered. Or say, that time I hopped out of the shower and waiting for me was a whole row of polishes I’d be ohhing and ahhing a few days earlier!

Then, there was that time I was…getting, shall we say, rather shirty about being late to the airport. We’d only just parked and I was already at the boot throwing my luggage curbside muttering a few choice words under my breath, when he sat and asked me to get the directory out of the glovebox. About to explode, and with the filthiest look I could muster, I opened it and out tumbled a tiny ring-sized box. You think they’d all be pretty hard to top, huh? How about a surprise trip to Hawaii?

It’s fair to say SilverFox likes to #LiveLifeUnplanned. And I’ve got to say, life is better, more colourful, more exciting when you let loose and see where the wind might take you! And he’s not the only one. Chandon, have just launched a brand new campaign (#LiveLifeUnplanned) in collaboration with The Trend Spotter which follows Dasha and Colin Gold as they cover Fashion Weeks all around the world from Sydney, Paris, Milan and London too!

Ultimately, this is about saying yes. Yes to the unknown. Yes to the possibility. In the spirit of the new campaign, check out the video below and make sure you share your own #LiveLifeUnplanned moments by hopping on to Chandon’s instagram here.  And, in the words of Roman Poet, Horace: ‘Carpe Diem!’ MC

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Chandon—all thoughts and opinions are my own.

For more information on the campaign, click here.

Enjoy Chandon and #LiveLifeUnplanned. Retails from $23 to $45 depending in style and vintage.