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I know MC, is usually filled with fabulousness, fun and frivolity (well, that’s the aim) but today I share more about lil ol’ me.

I have a whole lotta things to be grateful for, but there’s one thing that’s been like a dark cloud hanging over my head ruining my mojo. Almost 2 years ago, my family found out about SilverFox, and they weren’t too happy about it (one person in particular) subsequently I’m no longer allowed to attend certain family functions. Nor am I welcome at said person’s house. Why?

Because SilverFox is a white man.

Okay, you can pick your jaw up off the ground now. Seems outrageous – non? And racist. And kinda pathetic. So, behind this happy exterior, I’ve been completely shattered.

A while ago I started to light candles. I found it helped. Then I started to light an oil burner whenever I was in the house. It fills the house with an amazing smell that soothes and heals. Lately I’ve been testing out Scentcillo’s hand blended essential oils. They come in 4 scents: Oracle, Shaman, Tango and Starlet. I usually mix it up, according to my mood.

It’s become part of my daily ritual now and it’s gotten me through a very dark period and for that, I’m grateful. And grateful for all the good things in my life. MC

// Scentcillo

// Great way to lift your mood.

// Can’t decide which I like more!

// Altogether now…exhale.

// Two years ago at Kokos.

It’s all about the details Darling:

Scentcillo oils RRP: $22.95 plus postage.
Gift box and packaging available when customers purchase 3 or more essential oil blends.


  • http://jademusing.tumblr.com/ Jade

    So sorry to hear that about your family, being in a mixed relationship can be hard sometimes with cultural differences and such, (speaking from experience) It’s good that you can relax and unwind and appreciate the things that matter.

  • //Website // Name*Jess

    unfortunate that you make such a good looking couple! ;)

  • //Websitewww.liquidink.com.au // Name*Rosa Piciocco

    erhhh….’said’ family is sooooo missing out – what a gorgeous couple you too are (or is it just good lighting?!! he heeee).

    Seriously makes me sad that you have to have that black cloud over what should be a wondrous time in your life. Enjoy your love…longevity and devotion in your relationship is the best revenge!


  • //Website Jacie

    Ah, the old mixed couple issue. When Brett and I announced we were marrying, one of his aunts actually said, in front of me no less, ‘Why couldn’t you marry a nice Australian girl. What are you going to do about the kids?’

    As in, how ever were we going to cope with mixed race children.

    Suffice to say, we invited her to the wedding and sat her on the table with all my loudest Indian relatives and she had a ball.

    She’s now done a complete 180!

  • http://www.mummyofstyleandsubstance.com.au Kellie (stylishmummy)

    I’m sorry to read about your family but as long as you are happy that is all that really matters. They will get over it….. eventually. If they want you in their life they will have to give in and be happy for you. If not then that is their loss. You are a gorgeous, lovely person and they are missing out.
    As Rosa said, being happy and having longevity in your relationship just proves them wrong.
    The Scentcillo looks gorgeous… I love burning candles and oils. Big hugs x

  • http://twitter.com/JovanaArbon Jovana

    Wow. I really wish that as a human race we were a little bit more accepting. It’s sad when people lose sight of what really matters in life. I married someone from a different background but was lucky enough to have a family that were not bothered by it in the slightest. I applaud you for standing up for what you feel and believe in. Im not being rude but whoever this ‘person’ is let me tell you the colour of SilverFox’s skin is least of their problems! … oh and i gotta give the oils a shot:) x

  • http://www.lovevulcanella.com aNITA

    I’m so sorry to hear that your family are being like that, it’s unfortunate because what really matters is how good the person is to you not where they come from etc.

    Silverfox seems lovely and you look like a perfect match to me :)

    They will eventually come around :)

  • http://www.woogsworld.com Mrs woog

    Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor…..

    Love conquors all so hang in there chicken

    Love Mrs Woog xo

  • http://wanderlustandco.com Jenn

    That really sucks and I know how you feel having gone through the same situation. All I can say is to be strong, keep doing what you’re doing and do it right and slowly but surely, the icy wall will melt. Such a cliche but true love will prevail. If what you have is real, they will feel and acknowledge it eventually! :) All the best xx


  • http://www.thesydneygirl.com thesydneygirl

    it’s amazing the things that can help you get through hard times….

    some people can be so so silly… better not to be around them anyway right? best to be around positive people who lift you higher instead of bring you down.

    my mum had a hard time with her family when she met my dad… her being greek and him being indian. her parents took her all the way from syd to greece!!! talk about extreme! but everything worked out okay in the end… i mean, i’m here right! :D

    big hugs.. xxx

  • http://www.thesydneygirl.com thesydneygirl

    p.s. u look gorgeous x

  • http://themustardjumper.wordpress.com Natalie

    Well that sucks. However cliched as it sounds, sometimes when you get lemons you have to make lemonade and it really is the littlest things that keep you going.

  • http://www.baublesbubblesbags.com/blog // Name*Norlin

    Well, I totally understand how you feel and what you’re going through. I too married outside of my religion AND race, despite us both being Asians. My parents were gobsmacked and shocked that I wouldn’t force him to convert, but they know it was MY life. Most of paternal side has totally disowned me and hey, to me it’s THEIR loss for not being able to see their great grandkids. Me, I’m mostly happy. So, chin up and sooner or later, you know who to surround you with. Be happy! :)