The Killer Pinot Grigio Dan Murphy’s


What do you do when a friend gets cheated on with the skanky office girl with greasy hair? Poor little petal obviously doesn’t know about Batiste. Or, when a friend unwittingly becomes a internet pr0n star overnight – thanks to her ex putting their sex tape on YouTube?

Well, any good friend worth her salt (or in this case, wine) goes over to said friend’s house and, opens a bottle of The Killer. It’s the perfect cure to any bad day, useful for, but not limited to the following circumstances:
  • You bump into your ex after you’ve just had monthly lip wax, while he sports hot new man-friend. Yep, it appears you turned him gay.
  • You Facebook stalk that girl you really hate. (Can’t figure out why you hate her. You just do.) In her profile-slash-modelling folio, she looks smokin’ hot. In. Every. Single. Photo.
  • You accidentally send your boss a sexy-texty. Okay okay, that last one, was me!

Life really can be a bitch sometimes – but there’s nothing a great pair of heels (I prefer Jimmy Choo) and a glass of Pinot Grigio can’t solve. Here’s to good girlfriends and you, Dear Reader. Thanks for reading. Bottoms up! MC

// The perfect end to any day.

// Hay-lo.

// There’s nothing a great pair of heels can’t solve.

// And a glass of wine.

// Drink up!

// The perfect Xmas stocking filler.

It’s all in about the details darling:

The Killer Pinot Grigio RRP:$14.99
Available at Dan Murphy’s nationally.


  • http://aussie-beauty.blogspot.com/ melBournite

    The label alone makes me want to race & buy this – co cute & kitsch!
    I don’t even care how the wine tatstes at this pont ha! ;)

  • http://www.twitter.com/Mrs_kan jo

    Ohh love a good whine opps i mean wine. thanx for reccomendation :)

  • //Website Monique

    Nice one! loves if only my bestie drank wine

  • http://www.mummyofstyleandsubstance.com.au Kellie (stylishmummy)

    Oooh I love the bottle! We have mountains of pinot here though, hubby is the manager of Shadowfax WInes. I may need a bottle of this though as I guilty of Facestalking my besties girlfriend (who I HATE) lmao.

  • http://www.stuffthatibought.com Elise @ Stuff That I Bought

    I’m totally one of those people who picks their wine based on the label – sold! Let’s share a bottle soon.

  • http://www.tarte-au-miel.blogspot.com katie

    cute bottle. defs agree this is a great stocking filler!

  • http://www.felicitytheresedouglas.blogspot.com Felicity

    So does it taste nice? I’ve seen it before but have never been brave enough to purchase…!

  • http://www.killerwines.com.au // Name*The Killer

    Thanks for the kind words. Ms Critique, a bit belated thank you but better late than ever eh?
    A agree whole heartedly that a glass of P. Grigi can pretty much solve any woes (as I sip on the new 2010 vintage, available for only $9.99 RRP at Danny Murphy’s):/end blatant promo:)).
    Nice photo taking skills too, uberschmic like Jimmy Choo!
    Mayhem, Nonsense and Love to you, The Killer XXX

    • http://mscritique.com Ms. Critique

      Thanks for the kind words. x