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The next big thing in skincare: The Yon-Ka Facial


I’m calling it.

I’m predicting what may just be, the next big thing in skincare. Enter, the Yon-Ka Facial. Officially known as Yon-Ka’s Signature Paris Standard Facial, it’s probably the most results-driven skin treatment I think I’ve ever tried. First, you have to meet Vicki Eleftheriou, (pictured above) the owner of Beauty Perfection Skin Therapy Clinic in Sydney’s Woollahra who swears by YonKa Paris products. So much so, that it’s one of only two skincare lines she carries in her boutique clinic. And, she happens to be one of only three clinics in Australia that are authorised to administer the Yon-Ka facial.

Vicki, is probably one of the best kept-secrets in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.  Her salon is small and practical, compared to most salons in the east but that doesn’t stop her loyal clientele from returning in droves—they know they’re onto a good thing. Straight up, Vicki is confident she can get results. She doesn’t mince words either; this is a lady who knows her craft.


The first thing she does, before she gets started is examine my skin under a harsh, bright light. She insists it’s the only way she can have a good look at the condition of my skin. This isn’t a cheap facial but you get extraordinary value for money—priced between $120-$150 (depending on what your skin needs)—this is a facial that actually delivers results. Real, tangible results. Each bespoke treatment consists of five mild deep cleansing phases that takes place over the space of an hour (sometimes longer.)

Three days, post-facial my skin just got better and better.  I was so excited and delighted with the results, that I almost didn’t want to write this story.  She really is that good. A secret, I wanted to keep all to myself. The secret to glow-y skin!

I like to call Vicki, ‘The Skin Whisperer’ because whatever language she’s speaking, my skin just seems to soak it all up. She understands exactly how the skin works, and has the perfect products to match.

If my last facial was anything to go by, all I can say is, I’m officially bonkers for Yon-Ka! Stay tuned because this won’t be the last time you’ll hear about The Skin Whisperer from the eastern suburbs or the Yon-Ka Facial. I really do think it’s going to be the next big thing. To make an appointment with Vicki at Beauty Perfection, call 9387 1402. MC

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To make an appointment with Vicki (aka, The Skin Whisperer) call 9387 1402

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Disclosure: This treatment was provided free of charge